Monday, April 14, 2014

style crush: Nicole Garry Pepper vintage

One of my favorite things to do on this blog is feature other fashionable women across the world. To start of style crush this year ,i decided to start  with one of the most fashionable people out there Nicole of  Gary pepper. Nicole is always on point, hands down. I love her feminine cool style. One of the things i really love about Nicole is her ability to transform high street outfits and make them look like million dollar outfits.
The photography on her blog is drool worthy. Nicole is also one of the most accomplished and best Fashion Bloggers out there she has worked with a lot of high fashion brands. I could see why , she she looks like the type of girl everybody would love to hang out with and just go shopping with. Check out this Aussie beauty at

Suits are still in and i love how simple and sophisticated her outfit is.

Nicole does lady like fashion well

Simple sophistication at its best.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


This post has been overdue. I meant to write this post a long time ago but something always came along. If you follow me on twitter you probably know that this year i started an exciting Tv program called Blogtwn through Shawtv. I have to say this has been a dream come true and i am very grateful that Shaw Tv gave me the opportunity to do this show and forever grateful for the mentors that Shaw Tv has given me. I am learning a lot from incredible talented people. I definitely do believe now that what you put out there in the universe will come to you. If someone had told me that i would have a show on Tv Five years ago i would have laughed my head off. It has been a great learning opportunity and i feel its a chance of a life time.  I will keep thriving to be better and see where this dream takes me.

So i wanted to share with you guys my very first Episode Of Blogtown and i interviewed an amazing  Winnipeg Vintage Fashion Blogger Lisa from Butterfly with daisys.

Check it out

Monday, April 7, 2014


Lupita the most beautiful women in the world. Some people may fail to realize what is the big deal about Lupita. She represents dreams, hope,  and the new dawn of diversity of beauty. I just love Lupita and needed to join the bandwagon and celebrate her here.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Barbados, the land of my dreams.

Earlier on this year , i was in the beautiful tropical paradise of Barbados and it was just beautiful and amazing. These pictures don't even do the Island justice. I loved my time in Barbados i was relaxed and   unplugged and just enjoyed being in the sun and being by the beach. I have to say that Barbados was a dream come true i have always wanted to go to this beautiful island and Barbados did not disappoint at all and i fell in love with the island. The moment i got to the island i just felt connected to it, i felt home literary. There was a lot to do and see in barbados. My husband and i had fun hopping in the reggae buses and touring the island. We met so many local people this way and had the most interesting conversations and observations. if you ever go to Barbados you need to experience being in the reggae bus nothing quite like it.   All in all it was a great experince.

The first day we got to Barbados we hit the ground running by hearding to Oistins Friday night fish fry. This is a fish markert , the place to be on a Friday night. The food, the music , the vibe  it was heaven.  Throughout the two weeks  we were in Barbados, we did a lot of sight seeing we went to different places including  a rum tour at Mount gay. This is should be on your to do list when u go to Barbados. Rum is the  magic word on the island, everything has rum in it ,rum  punch, rum cake  etc you name it. Fun fact on such a small island they have over 1,200 rum shops. This shows you Bajan people take their rum seriously. We also toured the wildly beautiful North coast, fancy West coast and Bathsheba, a surfers dream . The island was just beautiful with lots of things to do.

Barbados is a beautiful island but its most valuable asserts are its people. The Bajans were so warm and friendly, such nice people. I cant wait to go back to this beautiful Island

Side note when i'm on vacation my priority is comfort and i don't bother with make up.  So for those bloggers that take vacation photos with full make up on  heels and all and the nine yards. I applaud you because i don't know where u get the energy or  the time to do so. High five to you all.

I got myself one of these beautiful beach wraps

This place was stunning, the water was to rough to swim in.

I love this picture it was taken at night by my husband.

Christchurch parish

After a long day of sight seeing decided to chill and read one of my fav magazines

Mount gay rum factory.

my hubby took this picture.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Waiting for summer

Its been a while , i hope i will be more consistent on this blog. I will keep my fingers crossed.  Part of me wants to blame it on the weather, this has been one of coldest winters ever and it has been long and there is no sign of spring in the near future. A little bit depressing, i know.  I will do better. So this weekend as i was going through my photo album's i came across pictures that were taken on  such a nice day in the fall. It brought a smile on my face and made me realize warm weather will be here soon. So i hope these pics from the fall  will cheer you.

The necklace is by zimbabwean designer Zuware

                                    photos by Vee

Friday, January 3, 2014

Happy New years

Happy New years everybody.  I want to take this opportunity to thank everybody who has ever visited this blog and left me kind comments on the blog or on twitter. I read them all and i am very appreciative of the encouragement, Its been a while since i have been here , life just got so hectic, i promise to do better this year. In fact one of my resolutions this year is to do better with my blog this year and take it to another level.
 My another resolution to go back to the way i used to be a fashion babe, so yeh i want to take some fashion risks this year and just have fun with fashion. So whats my plan, take one day at a time, or as i like to say  one shoe at a time.I was browsing through online and these beautiful loubs captured my eyes , i thought i would start off the year with a little bit of a fashion inspiration. Here a little louboutin porn for you. This is from their 2014 cruise collection. Remember to be kind to your self this year, be happy and appreciate each day and just go with the flow.

So i am curious what are your New years resolutions.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Its Black Friday

 Its Friday and im so glad that the week is coming to an end. Its been so hectic for me that i haven't had a chance to do some blog post's.  I  am hoping to just relax this weekend and catch up with my friends. I have also realized that my blog is evolving on its own, i seem to be doing a lot of style post. In fact im glad that im doing this, i just had a conversation with a friend and she was stating that as women we have been led to believe that its shallow to love fashion and invest in your physical appearance. a lot of emphasis is put on being a good person or to work on who you are as a person. Don't get me wrong i think it is extremely important to work on who we are as people inside but to also realize that its okay to allow ourselves to look good. As the saying goes when you look good, you feel good. Taking care of your self mentally or physically is part of being kind to yourself. I still have a long journey in finding my stylish self . Hence the challenge i have given myself to put myself out there and take courage, lets see where this journey takes me.

Back to fashion , i seem to be wearing more and more black this winter.The beautiful neckpiece that im wearing was a gift by Zimbabwe Fashion designer Zuware. So a big thank you to Zuware. Check her out her pieces are stunning. You are going to be seeing more of this necklace on the blog for sure because im going to be wearing the heck out it. Well enjoy your weekend and to all my Canadian friends Happy Remembrance day.

The beautiful necklace is by Zimbabwean designer Ruware

Photographer; Vee