Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Confessions of a Blogger

Its been a while since i have been here. Truth be said , i have a confession lately i have been feeling like not blogging at all.This is a new feeling for me , i am still trying to figure it out , to blog or not to blog. Blogging has always been fun for me and that's why i have been blogging for more than three years. lately i have been feeling uninspired and just feeling overwhelmed with my day job, side projects etc. I am just feeling like my plate is too full. I do hope this is just a phase but i told myself that when blogging stops being fun, then i will stop. I am keeping my fingers crossed that this will come to pass. i wonder if other Bloggers have gone through this? Anyhoo  I  have some pictures to share with you, these pictures are soo long overdue. For those who follow me on twitter you will know i twitted about being invited to a V.I.P pre-launch party for H and M. It  was a fun event and i also managed to do some shopping. A great night all in all.

Monday, September 8, 2014

One for the summer

so  i am sad that Summer is coming to an end and it will be cold soon. So to me this outfit kind of says goodbye to summer to me. The days of sleeveless and colourful outfits are coming to an end. So i wore  this outfit when i was filming an episode of Blogtown. So this outfit was so random for me, if i could be honest.  I was supposed to have worn a cute dress that day but things did not work out and to make it worse i was running late and i ended up grabbing whatever i could get. I didn't mind the outfit so much but it wasn't my favourite. I guess we all have those days, but i wasn't gonna let that ruin my day. Onwards and upwards the day went and had an absolutely great time.


Friday, August 15, 2014


Ok , ok i promise after this post, you will not see this outfit again. however indulge me, as Fashion  blogger i had to take pics of what i wore to the midnight summer dream party. Here goes nothing.

Vintage glasses from Vintage Glory, love that shop.

It pays to have good friends, borrowed bag from friend.

Yes my hair has some subtle purple in it.

Feeling like a lady

Lately i am finding that my life is so hectic. i guess its Summer and trying to jam pack my schedule before Winter gets here. If you live in this province you will understand what i am taking about.

So l wore this outfit last week when i went to the live taping of the new daytime show The Marc and Mandy show. I am so proud of what they have achieved. T.V ant no joke i now know that, its a lot of hard work. The invitation to the Marc and Mandy show read dress to impress and i certainly did not want to disappoint. I have worn this dress before when i was filming Blogtown but it has not made an appearance here and besides i am that type of girl who repeats her outfit over and over again

Wearing Vintage earrings from Vintage and Glory

Beyonce and Jayz's On the run tour

A week  or so ago was crazy and had mad fun at the Beyonce and Jayz's on the run the tour. Beyonce is simply flawless and beautiful and it was my first time seeing Jayz in action. i was impressed, this dynamic duo definitely knows how to rock the crowd. My outfit was a nod to the sexy Mrs carter, yeh just because you are a certain age doesn't mean you cant show a little leg right lol. All in all it was a crazy beautiful night.

My bag is from Cuba bought it from a local market.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A midnight summers dream part two

well this is the second part to Athena leadership a midnight summer dream fundraiser. The dress code was dressed to impress and the theme was whites, beiges, nudes, light pastels. This theme evokes images of romance , beauty , class and elegance. My winnipeg peeps did not dissapoint. Hats off and big congratulations to Athenas to the best party of the Summer. This is the fashion edition. I took all the pictures and had fun doing it.

Loved the head gear

The Gents did not disappoint, at all. They represented.

Check out the shoes and those gorgeous dresses

Gents Fashion

This lady stood out

Pastels in the building

These ladies were super fun

With the president of Athena leadership Lindy, she is super nice.

wow factor dress

Happy people

Sunday, July 6, 2014

A Midsummer Nights Dream Part one

wow what a summer this is turning out to be. I am loving every moment and i am loving Winnipeg even more with all the beautiful and amazing events that are happening in this city. This city has come a long way and i am glad that i get to experience Winnipeg at its finest.

This weekend i went to an an amazing party that was hosted by Athena leadership and it was a fundraising party. Athena Leadership is an organization that aim to empower and mentor women and i love  everything that it stands for. So i was very excited to go to the party and i am telling you, i am so glad i went. Everything was perfect from the decor, the food, the atmosphere and the fashion. People came dressed to impress looking like they just stepped off from the pages of Vogue magazine. This was definitely a fashionable crowd and i loved every moment  of it. So not to overwhelm people this post will come into 2 parts. This is going to be picture heavy so embrace yourself.

love the details of this dress

This was so delicious

The decor and food was amazing

This look like a scene from a romantic movie

This duo looked fierce

Elegance is the word

loved their outfits

Yours truly with some of the ladies that brought this event to life.