Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Ok , ok i promise after this post, you will not see this outfit again. however indulge me, as Fashion  blogger i had to take pics of what i wore to the midnight summer dream party. Here goes nothing.

Vintage glasses from Vintage Glory, love that shop.

It pays to have good friends, borrowed bag from friend.

Yes my hair has some subtle purple in it.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A midnight summers dream part two

well this is the second part to Athena leadership a midnight summer dream fundraiser. The dress code was dressed to impress and the theme was whites, beiges, nudes, light pastels. This theme evokes images of romance , beauty , class and elegance. My winnipeg peeps did not dissapoint. Hats off and big congratulations to Athenas to the best party of the Summer. This is the fashion edition. I took all the pictures and had fun doing it.

Loved the head gear

The Gents did not disappoint, at all. They represented.

Check out the shoes and those gorgeous dresses

Gents Fashion

This lady stood out

Pastels in the building

These ladies were super fun

With the president of Athena leadership Lindy, she is super nice.

wow factor dress

Happy people

Sunday, July 6, 2014

A Midsummer Nights Dream Part one

wow what a summer this is turning out to be. I am loving every moment and i am loving Winnipeg even more with all the beautiful and amazing events that are happening in this city. This city has come a long way and i am glad that i get to experience Winnipeg at its finest.

This weekend i went to an an amazing party that was hosted by Athena leadership and it was a fundraising party. Athena Leadership is an organization that aim to empower and mentor women and i love  everything that it stands for. So i was very excited to go to the party and i am telling you, i am so glad i went. Everything was perfect from the decor, the food, the atmosphere and the fashion. People came dressed to impress looking like they just stepped off from the pages of Vogue magazine. This was definitely a fashionable crowd and i loved every moment  of it. So not to overwhelm people this post will come into 2 parts. This is going to be picture heavy so embrace yourself.

love the details of this dress

This was so delicious

The decor and food was amazing

This look like a scene from a romantic movie

This duo looked fierce

Elegance is the word

loved their outfits

Yours truly with some of the ladies that brought this event to life.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Blogtown Interview with Saana

Its still so surreal to me that i have a show on Shaw TV. If somebody
had told me this a couple years ago i would have loved my head off. I
am really excited about this opportunity and very grateful, its not
everyday that people believe in you , mentor you and encourage you to
realize your dreams. The Shaw TV staff have been amazing, some of the
nicest people i have ever met in my life.

In this episode of Blog town i talked to Saana , she is a Winnipeg Food Blogger
and her blog is amazing. Saana  is so sweet and she welcomed us into her
home and we had a great time. The shoot was fun and i had a great team
working with me. Check her blog out

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Asian Canadian Festival

So this weekend i attended the Asian  Canadian Festival at the Forks. I am glad i went, met so many wonderful people and just had so much fun. The event was well organized , i was late so i missed a lot of perfomers. However the ones that i saw, i was so mesmerized with the costumes, the colors the dances. In short i was really impressed. Here are pictures from the festival.

I love this picture, this beautiful girl was happy to smile for the camera

This group was amazing

These ladies were so nice 

With new friends, my look was very casual and comfortable

One of my fav pictures

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

What i have been up to

I am trying to be consistent on this blog, however, Its been busy and hectic and life just simply got in the way. I will try to do better. So this is what i was currently up to

Working:I  have been blessed to be working on an exciting Tv projects, Blogtown.  It is a lot of hard work but it sure is a  lot of fun. i love to be creative and i am glad i got a chance to do just that and seeing the end result is rewarding.

 Feeling:I have been feeling super blessed, i am in a good head space. This year has been just one good year. One of my good childhood friend just a baby after many years of trying. I am so happy for here and feeling so much gratitude for all the good things that are happening to me and my family and friends.

Reading:Where can i begin. I love reading and always have a book that i am reading. There is something magical about books, i just love them. One book that stood out to me was Amerinanah by nigerian author achibe. The book was excellent the book managed to articulate the joys and struggles when someone move to a new country and it was funny as heck. beautifully written.

Eating: I have been on a healthy eating journey this year. Been trying to be a good girl but i can tell you ice cream is my weakness. I  love caramel ice cream and have been treating myself really really good. I can't imagine a world without caramel ice cream. However for the most part i have been trying to eat clean and reward myself here and there.

Music:  The miseducation of lauryn hill the album has been in heavy rotation with me. i think thats my favourate album of all times. Now let me just cross my fingers and laurn hill attempts another 3rd or 4th come back. I am waiting for you Lauryn hill , i have hope.

Watching Terra nova : Watched the whole season one weekend. i coudn't help myself and can't wait for the new season of downtown abby

Wondering :Who is going to be fired from the real housewives of Atlanta. its my guilty pleasure.

Excited: That summer is almost here, we have had the longest and coldest winter ever. So yes im ready to replace my heavy winter boots with cute sandals. we had one really nice day this past weekend and i had fun dressing up and being outside.