Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Diane von furstenberg made me feel like a lady

Okay i am Baaack. I am going to try and do better this year. I feel re energized and i  am really  excited about Blogging this year. This year i am focusing on being me and i have always been true to who i am  but sometimes as a Blogger you loose your way and start thinking about how to attract Brands, audiences et.c  So this year i am going to be blogging for myself and i hope along the way , i inspire or make somebody laugh. If i do that then i would have reached my blogging goals. Having said that i am looking to collaborate with some interesting people in Winnipeg. I love meeting people who are living their dreams , people who are doing great in their fields. I hope there will be more of that here.

So for this post, i wore this  DVF dress. To be honest i have a love and hate with this dress. I think i should do a review post and tell you the good and the bad about this dress. However today i will tell you what i love about this dress,  its versatility. I can dress it up or down and i have been wearing the living daylights out of this dress. Ladies do share what do you wear all the time from your closet?

Glasses from Vintage Glory

I have a confession, i stole this hat  from my husbands closet. Ssssh Dont tell

These earrings have  vintage vibe to it that i love.

Oh yeh i forgot, i have a new hairstyle.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Its a brand new Year

Hello everybody this is my first blog post of 2015 and i am glad to be back. It took me a while to get started , its still early in the year but i am getting so busy already and neglecting my little old blog here. This year i want to do better , when it comes to blogging.  In terms of my Blogging resolutions this year i want to post more often, take lots of outfit post and just have fun blogging. I have a couple new things i want to introduce to the blog this year. I am excited for the new changes that  are going to take place here on shonastyles. The most exciting thing is the Hubby is now my partner in crime. So its going to be interesting to see how it all comes together. He will be helping me behind scenes. So i am keeping my fingers crossed for that. Enjoy your week everybody.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Black Friday

Gone are the days when you had to go over the border to get a good deal on Black Friday. I love a good deal and that's why i was so excited to hear that Polo Park mall is going to celebrate Black Friday in a huge way. I am talking deals and more deals and you can get to save and put more money in your pockets especially with the holidays coming up.

So we are only 2 days away from Black Friday and Polo Park Mall has a lot of activities lined up for you. Their goal is to create a fun shopping experience and kick off the holiday shopping  season.  There will be something fun for everybody to make your shopping experience great. If  you have a party or two to attend and not sure what to wear or buy , guess what you have a chance to book an appointment for a style consultation and its free. There is also a shopping spree contest and there is a chance that you might win $1000 worth of shopping.  Yes you heard right $1000 in shopping spree , if not for anything else this a good reason to head down to Polo Park for Black Friday because you never know you might be the person that wins the grand prize.
To enter the contest you can either visit the style consultation Booth in Center court or enter online http://cfblackfriday.ca/#/home/ or download the new CF app which is pretty cool because you can check store directory, events , store promotions and can  you can even check your shop or  gift card balance.

Here is a list of events that will be taking place at Polo Park Mall leading up to Black Friday

Monday, November 17, 2014

Interview with Lennard Taylor

So out of the blue i got an email from Lennard Taylor's team wanting to know if i would like to collaborate with them. To say i was overjoyed is an understatement. I was so ecstatic and  humbled because i do love the Lennard Taylor brand and i have been following his brand for ever. For those of who you do not know Lennard Taylor is a young talented Designer who is passionate about Fashion  and has vast experience in the Fashion industry. He is self taught and his brand has been growing and expanding over the years. His clothes are are made in Canada, Manitoba to be specific.

So on the day of the interview i was so excited and nervous to meet him. I  don't even know why i was  nervous because he is so nice and friendly and he just oozes fashion. The interview was at his store in Portage Place Mall and it could not have been at better place to do our interview. We were surrounded by fashion and his designs. So we sat down or rather stood in a corner and had our interview and i wanted to find out more about his brand and his new collection.


F.S:  How did you get into fashion.

Lennard:  Fashion  just kind of choose me. I wanted to do something in design , my parents are in design , my sister is in design as well. So i knew i was going to do something in design . I love fashion so i kind of  knew that this is what i was going to do. So what made me go into fashion, nothing made me go  into it. I was just excited about the industry and i wanted to do it and be part of it.

F.S:  When did you start the Lennard Taylor brand.

Lennard: I started it a few years ago because i loved making clothing. I started making T shirts and it kind of spiraled from there into a full lifestyle brand of Jeans, Denim , Jackets , Outwear jackets, Leather Holsters of course. I probably started making clothes six years ago.


F.S: In terms of your brand how would describe it in three words.

Lennard: ( he chuckles )  Post Apoplectic Modern. Its kind of how I would describe it in three words. I like to use a distressed kind of  edgy look to it, but i also want it to be clean and modern. So that people can wear it at work or wherever they want to.

F.S: Who wears Lennard Taylor.

Lennard:  I would say its a  20- 40 year old person who is a free thinker, who wants to stand out in a crowd and who wants to be recognized.  Generally 20-40 year old person but its not limited to that demographic because  there is a lot of different  people that wear the brand.

F.S: Lets talk about your new collection.

Lennard:  Yeh my Spring/Summer 2015,  the whole collection was designed around people uniting and standing together. Its  a timeless collection in the sense  that i did not want  to use color for the reason that i did not want  people to associate it with Spring , Summer, Fall or Winter.  I  don't see  clothing as disposable. I see clothing as something that should last. You do not need a lot of clothing, you need a few good pieces that can work together . That's kind of where my collection was at and  it was all  pieces that were different but could work together, and you could make several different outfits out of the same pieces. Its  about versatility, its about functionality and its about uniqueness as well

F.S: Where did you get inspiration for you new collection

Lennard: I get inspiration from the world around me. I see something i want to change it. I see something beautiful from nature and  use that. Inspiration also comes from being dirty. I see a lot of people caught up in things being sterile and clean and i think its good to be dirty and i wanted my clothing to have that option. You don't have to feel that you have to step over the puddle but you can step into the puddle.


F.S: What advice can you give to a new designer.

Lennard: Don't do it ,( chuckles). Its a hard industry, if you are not prepared to starve don't go into it.  You have to be extremely creative to come up with the different collections every year and you have to be extremely diligent on how you spend your time.  If you are going to do it , do work with someone with experience and get valuable knowledge of the industry that way. If you can afford to go to school, you can do that as well. The idea that you are going to be a big hit very very unlikely. It takes generations before you can make it. It's not gonna happen overnight.

F.S: What can Winnipeg do , to support local designers.

Lennard:  Support them , talk about them , tag them on social media , go to their shows. If you love what they do , go buy it and support them. Its one thing for people to say we love your designs but if people are not buying it then it doesn't work. Designers put a lot of work in their pieces.

 F.S: Where can people get your clothing from.

Lennard:  We have the online store right now, Portage place mall, Ordinary clothing in exchange and Style bar in Osborne village

Go check out Lennard Taylor's store  on the 2nd floor of Portage Place or check out his website

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Confessions of a Blogger

Its been a while since i have been here. Truth be said , i have a confession lately i have been feeling like not blogging at all.This is a new feeling for me , i am still trying to figure it out , to blog or not to blog. Blogging has always been fun for me and that's why i have been blogging for more than three years. lately i have been feeling uninspired and just feeling overwhelmed with my day job, side projects etc. I am just feeling like my plate is too full. I do hope this is just a phase but i told myself that when blogging stops being fun, then i will stop. I am keeping my fingers crossed that this will come to pass. i wonder if other Bloggers have gone through this? Anyhoo  I  have some pictures to share with you, these pictures are soo long overdue. For those who follow me on twitter you will know i twitted about being invited to a V.I.P pre-launch party for H and M. It  was a fun event and i also managed to do some shopping. A great night all in all.

Monday, September 8, 2014

One for the summer

so  i am sad that Summer is coming to an end and it will be cold soon. So to me this outfit kind of says goodbye to summer to me. The days of sleeveless and colourful outfits are coming to an end. So i wore  this outfit when i was filming an episode of Blogtown. So this outfit was so random for me, if i could be honest.  I was supposed to have worn a cute dress that day but things did not work out and to make it worse i was running late and i ended up grabbing whatever i could get. I didn't mind the outfit so much but it wasn't my favourite. I guess we all have those days, but i wasn't gonna let that ruin my day. Onwards and upwards the day went and had an absolutely great time.


Friday, August 15, 2014


Ok , ok i promise after this post, you will not see this outfit again. however indulge me, as Fashion  blogger i had to take pics of what i wore to the midnight summer dream party. Here goes nothing.

Vintage glasses from Vintage Glory, love that shop.

It pays to have good friends, borrowed bag from friend.

Yes my hair has some subtle purple in it.